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Pat Cummins explains THAT photo

In a video posted on Direct Hit, Aussie fast bowler tries to explain his sluggish reaction to the dismissal of David Miller

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10 November 2018, 05:45 PM AEST

Paceman Pat Cummins concedes he’s let down the fast-bowling community with his hilarious reaction to a wicket in Australia’s win over South Africa on Friday night.

The reaction of Cummins to the dismissal of Proteas star David Miller has earned him plenty of good-natured ribbing from his teammates as well as fans on social media.

Australia had called for the Decision Review System after Miller had been given not out on the field, with the third umpire finding in favour of the Australians.

But the process by which the ‘out’ decision was reached came in reverse order to standard DRS procedure; the ball-tracking – which showed the ball to be hitting the stumps – was accidently shown first, before the Real-Time Snicko that confirmed there was no bat involved and sealed Miller’s fate.

Miller on his way after DRS mix-up

Clearly put off by the change in procedure, Cummins stared blankly at the big screen for several seconds while his jubilant teammates celebrated wildly just metres away from him.

In a video with teammate Glenn Maxwell on Direct Hit, Cummins was at a loss to explain his sluggish reaction.

“I was a bit slow, I probably haven’t done the bowlers much of a favour,” he said with a smile.

“We are normally the smart ones, I always try and say.

“I thought there had to be something else like D-R … what is it? Snicko or something had to come up?

Aussies level series with tight ODI win

“Anyway, I had no idea what was going on and then everyone else started celebrating.”

While a little sheepish about the incident, Cummins said he’s enjoyed the reaction from fans on social media.

“I had someone say, ‘when you’re playing a game and you realise the iron is still on’,” he said.

“And ‘when Powerball comes out and you’re the only person in the office that didn’t chip in’.

Cummins also chipped in with his own take.

With the series locked at 1-all, the two teams with face-off again at Hobart's Blundstone Arena on Sunday.

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