Gilly and I get along well: Warne

King of Spin says there are no issues between he and Fox Sports co-commentator Adam Gilchrist

Cricket Network

18 May 2018, 03:44 PM AEST

Shane Warne insists there will be no commentary-box animosity with his former teammate Adam Gilchrist when the pair lines up together as part of Fox Sports' new cricket coverage.

Warne was unveiled as a prize recruit by the Pay TV network yesterday, joining Gilchrist, who looks set to be marketed as the face of Fox's cricket coverage, after they secured broadcast rights in conjunction with Channel Seven from Cricket Australia last month.

Despite being two of the leading players of their generation, and key figures in arguably the most successful Test and ODI teams of all time, Warne and Gilchrist have reportedly never been particularly great friends.

"Me and Gilly have had a few things over the years here and there that we haven't seen eye-to-eye on," Warne told Triple M on Friday.

"Disagreements and things like that.

"But when you play with someone over a long period of time, just because you disagree on certain things, it doesn't mean you don't like the guy, or you hate the guy.

"We get along fine, and we'll have a great time (commentating)."

The origin of their grievances has been traced back to different factors, including Gilchrist's original selection over Warne's state teammate and close friend Darren Berry, and an alleged sustained sledging barrage from Warne during a Sheffield Shield match in the late 1990s.

But the most popular theory relates to Gilchrist's rise in the leadership stakes in Australian cricket, which in turn came at the expense of Warne, who had lost his position as deputy after sending lurid text messages to a British nurse.

At the time, Gilchrist had been labelled the 'Richie Cunningham' of the Australian set-up by former player and commentator Kerry O'Keeffe, with reference to the clean-skinner Happy Days character.

In his 2001 autobiography, Warne wrote: "We do not want a Richie Cunningham figure in charge unless he is the best person. He was the character in Happy Days, who was always polite and well-mannered, who said the right thing at the right time, but relied on the Fonz, a more confident, streetwise figure, to overcome his problems in the real world."

But with time, it appears any lingering bitterness has disappeared. In response to the Warne news, Gilchrist yesterday playfully tweeted a suggestion that it would be 'spin specialist' Michael Vaughan – also signed by Fox Sports – who might have the issue.

"I think the team we've got at Fox Sports is awesome," Warne added. "I'll get along well with Gilly, hopefully he just says 'bowled Shane' a few times and we'll be OK!"